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Achilles (Tendonitis achilles)

The calf muscle (M Gastrocnemicus) is comprised of two muscle heads which gather in a wide tendinous ligament and continue in to the Achilles tendon. This tendon goes

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Pimples are caused by over-production of sebum, clogging of sebaceous glands and skin bacteria.

Pimples occur because of skin bacteria Propionebacterium acnes, which feeds on

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Arm / Tennis elbow / Golf elbow

The most common degenerative changes in the arms are neural and muscular changes that cause compression of nerves and blood vessels located between the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Too tight or

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Back pain

Back pain- prolapses, skeletal, muscles, joints.

Chronic pain in the back can be caused by increasing inflammation of the spinal membranes, which can occur after a person has settled the back. Such

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Hair Removal

The treatment with Med-Art's diode laser provides minimal risk of injury; the machine has a sapphire cooling plate that is in direct contact with the skin. It also has various programs that you can

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Knee / Osteoarthritis / Wear

Knee is a weight-bearing joint that must withstand large forces. Knee have a complicated knee structure. Knee injury often occurs together with the injury of nearby tendons, muscles, blood vessels

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Laser can remove or reduce age spots that occur after sun exposure or as a part of the ageing process. Laser radiation destroys dark pigment into small pieces, and the body removes those using

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