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Neck / Shoulder

Many disorders in the body occur as a result of pathological processes in the neck or shoulder. It is these parts of the body that have the important blood vessels and nerves that connect the brain

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Patchy hair loss (alopecia areata)

Patchy hair loss (alopecia areata) : by Anne Harila.
Illustration and Copyright: Anne Berit Urdahl

In the beginning a patient notices a bald patch on the head, beard or elsewhere on theRead full article


Rosacea/Broken Capillaires is one of the most common skin disease cells, and affects about 5-10 percent of the population. The condition is characterized by redness of the face, visible blood

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Scar treatment

Scars can be caused due to various reasons, eg. chemical and thermal burns, etc. Scars may appear in different places and have different shapes and depths. Low-energy lasers penetrate deeply into the

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Skin Firming / Wrinkles

Fractional CO2 laser

The benefit of treatment is that after the surgery the healing is easier and faster, and the risk of side effects is less than using other peeling methods.


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Sport injuries

Laser treatments for sports-related injuries, such as football, baseball, powerlifting, bandy, etc. are a  treatment without side effects.

Groin Pull / Strain

Groin pull can occur as a result

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Stretch marks

Stretch marks can have several contributing factors, such as an increased production of cortisol, medications or injections, weight gain, pregnancy, exercise, and increased growth hormone. This forms

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