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Sport injuries

Sport injuries

Laser treatments for sports-related injuries, such as football, baseball, powerlifting, bandy, etc. are a  treatment without side effects.

Groin Pull / Strain

Groin pull can occur as a result of muscle and tendon injuries to a number of different muscles in the groin, the area of the body that connects the body, torso, legs.

The injured muscle in the groin is usually the adductor longus muscle, a long triangular in the inner thigh. This muscle is attached to the pubic bones and adheres to the thigh bone, the femur, which makes it possible to move the legs together from side to side.

Damage to the groin muscle can occur when these muscles become overstretched due to sudden acceleration or changes of direction. Symptoms of groin injury may include pain, swelling in the groin and loss of strength. Sometimes a sound of snapping is heard as the injury occurs.

 Osgood–Schlatter disease,  jumper’s knee.


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